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       Burmese amber, also called Burmite, is the legendary Cretaceous Age amber from the Hukawng Valley of Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma). 
It is the hardest, oldest and most beautiful of all gem-grade ambers. 
First introduced into Britain in the 1840s, in the Victorian era it was considered the finest of the ambers and cherry red Burmite became a fashion fad.

     All Asian amber, including Burmite, is known as Hu’Po’ or ‘tiger soul’ and is valued as an ingredient in medicines as well as magical charms. 
In mythology, the soul of a dead tiger sinks into the earth and forms amber.

     Burmite was actively mined by a British concern from 1898 until its operations were disrupted by the heavy fighting in Burma during WW II, with average yearly production of one ton.  By  comparison, Baltic amber deposits have produced up to 500 tons a year.

     In 1999 Leeward Capital Corporation, a Canadian gold mining company, resumed the mining and is the sole exporter of Burmite from Myanmar (formerly Burma) into the West.  Studies of this more than 100 million year old amber both in the US and in Britain have yielded many scientific papers describing the oldest grasshoppers, mosquitoes and ants in the fossil records.  These insects existed when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

     Donald MacIntyre is one of only a handful of gem cutters working with Burmite and has been working with this gem grade Cretaceous Age amber since 2003.  His finished stones are wonderfully enhanced by the marvelous hand cast gold and sterling silver work of Rudi Dietrich and the beautifully imaginative modern wirework of Lindsay Ryan. 
We are proud to work with these two Nova Scotia Artisans.

All Donald’s gems are hand shaped and polished from authentic, natural Burmite which has not been treated in any way whatsoever.

    Each piece comes with a letter of authenticity..



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