Golden honey coloured with red flow patterns
and scattered inclusions,
this pendant by Lindsay is wrapped in solid 14 kt yellow gold wire. 
The stone measures 40 x 18 x 6mm. 
The pendant including the bail is 60mm (2 3/8 ins) long
and comes installed on an adjustable leather cord.

US$180.00  including S & H.


These three simple burmite beads, light to medium honey in colour,
are wrapped in solid sterling silver in Lindsay’s modern free-form style. 
The bracelet measures 6 inches with a 1 inch gap and can be adjusted
to fit up to a 7 ½ inch wrist.

US$140.00  including S & H.


This beautiful hand faceted honey-coloured stone
with interesting flow patterns sprayed across
its center is bezel set in hand-cast 10 kt yellow gold
by our master craftsman Rudi. 
The open back allows light to shine though this exceptional
28 x 18 x 10mm stone to enhance its features. 
The pendant including bail is 36mm (1 5/8 inches) long.

US$370.00 including S & H.


The stone in this solid sterling wrapped bracelet by Lindsay
is clear honey-coloured at one end with flow patterns
and inclusions darkening it toward the other. 
It measures 6 ½  inches with a 1 inch gap
and can be adjusted to fit a larger or smaller wrist. 
The stone itself is 36 x 18 x 10mm.

US$220.00 including S & H.


 A beautiful 46 x 17 x 10mm Burmite stone with colours
flowing from clear honey to hazy golden honey
with lots of inclusions and character,
this is another of Lindsay’s modern wraps in solid Sterling silver. 
The pendant has an overall length of 50mm (2 inches)
including the hidden bail and comes with an adjustable leather cord.

US$195.00 including S & H.



 Dangle earrings with beads in graduated shades of Burmite
from honey to golden are set in solid sterling silver
and have an overall length of 65mm (2 1/2 inches) from lobe to tip.

US$120.00 including S & H.



Three simple beads in honey,
rare root and dark Burmite set simply in solid 14 kt yellow gold wire
by Lindsay make a pendant that measures 56mm (2 1/4inches) in length. 
The adjustable leather cord is included in the price.

US$95.00 including S & H.



Simply elegant earrings crafted of honey Burmite beads by Lindsay,
who used  solid 14 kt yellow gold wire and 14 kt secure earwires. 
The beads are 10mm in diameter
and the earrings hang 37mm (1 2/5 inches)
from lobe to tip.

US$90.00 including S & H. 


 A Lindsay creation in solid Sterling silver wire,
this pendant has 6 Burmite beads in a comprehensive range of colours
enhanced with three genuine fossil Mammoth ivory beads.
The overall length, bail included, is 65mm (2 3/5 inches)
and it comes installed on an adjustable leather cord.

US$95.00 including S & H.


 This great piece of honey-coloured Burmite
has enough marvelous swirling flow patterns
all down one side to make it appear darker than it actually is.
The actual stone measurement is 45 x 11 x 8mm (1 4/5 x 2/5 x 1/3 inches)
– set in its 14 kt yellow gold hanger and bail,
it has a total length of 70mm (2 ¾ inches).

US$195.00 including S & H.   

0472.jpg, 0473.jpg (side-by-side): 

Cut from a piece of raw amber and left with the edges
in their natural shape,
this beautiful heart-shaped piece of dark Burmite
has many totally natural inclusions
and fabulous flow patterns.
Installed on one of Rudi’s solid 10 kt gold hand-cast bails,
it measures 36 x 39 x 7mm (1 2/5 x 1 ½ x 3/10 inches)
and can be worn with either side showing.

US$370.00 including S & H.

0476.jpg, 0478.jpg (side-by-side):

 Light to medium honey is the colour
of this intensively flow-patterned Burmite drop
that measures 31 x 17 x 10mm (1 1/5 x 2/3 x 2/5 inches).
Set in a 14 kt yellow gold leaf bail from Rudi’s workshop,
the pendant is 42mm (1 2/3 inches) long including the bail,
which can accommodate up to a 4mm chain.

US$270.00 including S & H.


Once again Lindsay has used small genuine Mammoth ivory beads
to enhance the light Burmite beads
in these 1¾ inch earrings of Sterling silver wire.

US$85.00 including S & H.


 Hanging 2¾ inches from lobe to tip,
these earrings have dark a Burmite bead hanging
at the bottom of each of two big Sterling silver wire loops.
Like many of Lindsay’s earrings,
they will coordinate with some her other creations.

US$95.00 including S & H.


 These two simple medium honey Burmite beads,
set by Lindsay in simple Sterling silver wire rings
make a simple yet elegant pair of earrings that hang
1½ inches from lobe to tip and match a number of her other creations.

US$70.00 including S & H.

O482.jpg, 0495.jpg (side-by-side):

 This beautiful cartouche of light Burmite filled
with swirling flow patterns
and occasional darker inclusions measures
38 x 21 x 3mm (1½ x 4/5 x 1/8 inches).
Hung as a pendant with one of Rudi’s hand cast
Sterling silver findings, its overall length is 45mm (1¾ inches).
It can be worn with either side showing
and its bail will accommodate up to a 3mm chain.

US$270.00 including S & H.



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